HAUSHOF,7289円,サイズ:,,US,ガーデングローブ,Small,/answerableness1161550.html,DIY・工具・ガーデン , ガーデン , ガーデンウェア HAUSHOF 好評受付中 ガーデングローブ US Small サイズ: HAUSHOF,7289円,サイズ:,,US,ガーデングローブ,Small,/answerableness1161550.html,DIY・工具・ガーデン , ガーデン , ガーデンウェア 7289円 HAUSHOF ガーデングローブ US サイズ: Small DIY・工具・ガーデン ガーデン ガーデンウェア HAUSHOF 好評受付中 ガーデングローブ US Small サイズ: 7289円 HAUSHOF ガーデングローブ US サイズ: Small DIY・工具・ガーデン ガーデン ガーデンウェア

HAUSHOF 好評受付中 ガーデングローブ US Small 送料無料でお届けします サイズ:

HAUSHOF ガーデングローブ US サイズ: Small


HAUSHOF ガーデングローブ US サイズ: Small


HAUSHOF ガーデングローブ US サイズ: Small

These are great! I’ve been using them constantly for just over a week now trying to get our yard all pruned for spring. I have used it to prevent blisters while shoveling TONS of dirt in and out of different places, have used it to garden, and lay down mulch, have used it for pulling weeds, etc. my hand have stayed clean and no blisters. I haven’t tried the waterproofing of them specifically yet, but spraying with a leaky hose, my hands didn’t get wet. My wheelbarrow has a couple of sharp edges that I kept accidentally grabbing. It didn’t rip or scuff the gloves at all, but it was sharp enough that my shirt barely ran past one of those spots and tore a big hole in it, so they are pretty sharp. Gloves have held up great and I love for the price it came with three pairs.
I ordered a small. I'm a 5'4", 130lb woman, and my hands are small. The small gloves would best be described as a "Men's Small." Otherwise seem like nice gloves, just too big - it's frustrating having the fingertips of the glove move away from your actual finger tip when you are trying to pick something up. It would be nice if companies would make work gloves for women.
It's really hard for me to find work gloves that fit my small hands. These are a tiny bit big, which is probably good for the average consumer, but overall they fit me really well. They're comfortable and easy to take on and off, and the rubber protects me from spikes. They do get wet on the sides where the globes are just fabric, although that's not a big deal to me.
Fantastic gloves! I actually bought these for gardening as the gardening gloves I originally purchased weren’t holding up. I wore these gloves, with nitrile gloves underneath (I’m allergic to latex) and used them to do some heavy duty yard work in the backyard. They held up. This time my hands weren’t sore from pulling vines, I didn’t have little scratches on my hands from them being punctured, and they were easy to clean. I’ll wear them again with gloves underneath for some other projects since they fit so well and we’re durable.


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