MA MRシリーズ 8x4.5 メール便可 マルチロータードローン用プロペラ2本セット おすすめ 黒 729円 MA MRシリーズ 8x4.5 マルチロータードローン用プロペラ2本セット(黒) 【メール便可】 家電&カメラ カメラ アクセサリ,マルチロータードローン用プロペラ2本セット(黒),MRシリーズ 8x4.5,家電&カメラ , カメラ , アクセサリ,/answerableness1096150.html,【メール便可】,MA,729円,マルチロータードローン用プロペラ2本セット(黒),MRシリーズ 8x4.5,家電&カメラ , カメラ , アクセサリ,/answerableness1096150.html,【メール便可】,MA,729円 MA MRシリーズ 8x4.5 メール便可 マルチロータードローン用プロペラ2本セット おすすめ 黒 729円 MA MRシリーズ 8x4.5 マルチロータードローン用プロペラ2本セット(黒) 【メール便可】 家電&カメラ カメラ アクセサリ

公式ストア MA MRシリーズ 8x4.5 メール便可 マルチロータードローン用プロペラ2本セット おすすめ 黒

MA MRシリーズ 8x4.5 マルチロータードローン用プロペラ2本セット(黒) 【メール便可】


MA MRシリーズ 8x4.5 マルチロータードローン用プロペラ2本セット(黒) 【メール便可】



MA MRシリーズ 8x4.5 マルチロータードローン用プロペラ2本セット(黒) 【メール便可】

As the guiding force leading my hand-built wooden aircraft (formerly well used fence board) into the rarefied atmosphere of my front porch these well crafted blades are excellent in function and display.
ordered these for replacing my original 8045 props. received them quickly. mounted them on my drone. they looked strange. i couldn’t tell what it was. so i go ahead and test them out. start up my drone, everything seems fine... after GPS sync i begin to lift off. everything is going fine. i do a couple of low speed laps. everything seems good. so i climb to about 20+m. flip it into sport mode. and begin to accelerate. as i do so, 3-5 seconds into the acceleration, one of the props disintegrates right there in mid flight. the audible alarm sounds and my drone tumbles out of the sky from about 20m in the air doing about 20-25km/h in horizontal speed. when i find my drone it is in multiple the pics i included. u can see the bracket mount that holds the arm to the body of the drone has been pushed half way down the arm with the screw that goes all the way through the arm still attached to the mount. as well as the damage to the arm that the screw did when it was forced to the middle of the arm. the battery was damaged by the same arm being jammed into the body of the battery. this almost causers a fire.i gathered up the pieces and took them home and upon closer inspection. the props were not 8045s they were i m no prop jockey. my knowledge of prop characteristics and effects on performance is minimal. but i m quite sure that, one of them disintegrated in mid flight causing catastrophic damage to everything attached to, i could not tell u if the same thing would happen if they were 8045s instead of 9045s... because i will never buy props from this manufacturer again or any seller that has props that have the same features as these.
I use these on a recent 8" quad build with 2807 1322kv motors. Plenty of power, and I love the sound of biblade props. Sounds almost like a supercar.


パナソニック(Panasonic) フルカラームードスイッチB 片切スイッチ付 400W ロータリー式 WNP575143